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Welcome to United3D Happiness!

Welcome to United3D. Make sure to check out all the new features, Bingo ANY time, the Pick3/Pick4/Lotto drawings, upcoming events, and the all new 'My Control Panel'! If you are interested in a virtual job there are several openings as listed in the Employment office. We even have a few Council positions open, please see posting on the Plaza feedback message board for more details! Contact Bolt at if you are interested in serving the Community on the United3D Council... Most importantly, ENJOY and have fun!


History of this BBS

This BBS/Web site began in November 1993. It's purpose was and still is to provide an online community where people can freely and safely gather online to have a little fun.  We offer a variety of activities to appeal to almost any age group ranging from messaging, thousands of files to download, online chats, online games, classified ads to free internet email, inbound/outbound telnet access, FTP access, and WWW access, and much, much more!

The BBS is accessible in various ways; by dial-up, telnet, custom client (WIN Server Navigator), and of course using a standard web browser.  Each of these are described in greater detail but most people prefer using their web browser due to the wider availability of broadband Internet access. At one point we had 3 phone lines to allow people to dial in to the BBS but since this was costly and usage declined over the years, we have now dropped it down to one phone line. Many of our BBS users became computer support customers which helped us sustain the BBS.

As we expanded the role of the BBS to embrace the full capabilities of the Internet, we launched our computer support company, PC Pursuits. This company provides a broad range of computer hardware and software support to individuals and small business. This lead to additional online support capability through the BBS as well. While most of our customers are in the broader Frederick, Maryland area, we have and still provide support to customers in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area as well.  While most of our support work has and is computer troubleshooting, sales, and installations/upgrades, we also do software development and web hosting/development as well. We have even developed, hosted, and supported web sites for customers across various parts of the USA.

Feel free to look around and check things out. Once you have registered a unique user ID (brief and painless), you can have FREE access to the many features on this BBS/Web site. Use of this BBS/Web site is free of charge but we will gladly accept donations :) via Paypal, check, cash, etc.

Feel free at any time to contact me by email for comments, suggestions, or questions.

Whats's New?

Over the years we have added and continue to add new and interesting forms of online communication and online entertainment. One of our more recent additions has been the ability to chat in 3D worlds! If you have never experienced chatting in a 3D virtual reality world, you should really check this out! Like everything else on this site, it is FREE! You will have to download a plug-in for your browser in order to access these 3D worlds.

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