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Welcome to United3D Happiness!

Welcome to United3D. Make sure to check out all the new features, Bingo ANY time, the Pick3/Pick4/Lotto drawings, upcoming events, and the all new 'My Control Panel'! If you are interested in a virtual job there are several openings as listed in the Employment office. We even have a few Council positions open, please see posting on the Plaza feedback message board for more details! Contact Bolt at if you are interested in serving the Community on the United3D Council... Most importantly, ENJOY and have fun!

The combined staff of PC Pursuits has over 30 years experience of programming for all types of platforms (PCs, mini-computers, Servers and Mainframes) and in all types of environments (DOS, IBM, UNISYS, Windows, and Internet). Over the last several years we have focused our software development efforts on web site development, graphics design, and WINServer BBS add-ons.

Most of our more recent software development is involved with WIN Server, web sites, VRML Worlds, and Blaxxun Platform 7. We Develop Custom Code to Meet Your Needs!

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We develop custom web sites and software to meet the needs of business and private individuals. So if you have web pages/sites you would like custom designed, graphic design work, and/or add-ons for your WINServer BBS, send us an email with your requirements:

Over the years we have developed many add-ons for WINServer. Our current focus is on web based multi-player games. Our current products are:

Cards4U: Multi-Player Web based game of Dealer Choice Poker for your WINServer BBS!

Numbers4U: A Web Based Lottery System for your WINServer BBS!

Scrabble4U: Multi-Player Web based game of Scrabble for your WINServer BBS!

Bingo4U: Multi-Player Web based game of Bingo for your WINServer BBS!

WAR4U: A Web based version of the classic card game of WAR for your WINServer BBS!


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